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released May 12, 2014



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TMSV Utrecht, The Netherlands

TMSV (Tomas Roels) is a producer and DJ from Utrecht, the Netherlands. He's become well known for his percussion-driven, bass heavy dubstep productions (released on Artikal, Black Box), but has recently moved away from dubstep in order to focus on other styles of music, both for clubs and for home listeners. Besides making music, he's also a skilled DJ, performing in many places worldwide. ... more

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Track Name: Reality (ft. Ill Chill)
Battling, time traveling, I surf through the chaotic reality, ahead of me, (x4)

Young Illy, burning fast like a rolled Philly, flow filthy, unknown villain, my anatomy is alien cyborg, with long swords, kicking through a Martian beach on my long board, no encore, come aboard the ship if you want more, what do you long for? Ended up in a different dimension through the wrong door, but I'm right at home with a song scored right at gods door, watch the clouds pour, meteor storm, this is abnorm, what I live for, can I live more, than the typical lifetime, in need of a life line, in the heat of the nighttime I write rhymes, the nice kind, when the mics on, I'm a python immortal, travel through a portal, take a quantum leap past sheep, I don't need feet, just floating, misquoted for the media's purpose, they see it as worthless, if it doesn't work into the commerce, the bombs burst, the flames rage, the new age, can't be trapped in a cage, that induce rage, flip the script, light a loose J, I'm the juice man, fresh squeezed pulp, drink up, they don't think much, so it's not hard to keep up, make your Jeep bump, with some free smut, graphic material, the theme is imperial, we can't even hear you in this galaxy, the excitement of the chaos still grabbing me, no gravity, interstellar seems better, fly with no feathers through obscene weather, the other side always seems wetter, but it's all the same, switching planes, taking things to a timeless place, just rewind the tape

Battling, time traveling, I surf through the chaotic reality, ahead of me, (x4)

Feel ya mind shake, somewhere beyond apes in this modern day,
Soaking in the solar rays, with a broken gaze, searching for a home to stay, nurse broken ways, looking for my hope to raise, in this life game, it seems crime it pays, if all you want is things, I'm in search of the bulletproof soul, yeah the holy grail, up here they can't hear you yell, let it all out, going all out, until I fall out, traveling far out, to a place I can't even think of, it's never been done, existence is constant dichotomy, like playing Monopoly for paper green like broccoli, this old planet Earth is constructed so sloppily, or maybe you and me are not the way we used to be, I'm feeling unusually, optimistic, trying to stick with it, rising like a biscuit, no gravy, they trace my coordinates, through smartphones, TVs, new ordinance to bore you with, I'm ignoring it, flooring it, into warp speed, light years, so beyond fear, I cannot steer, autopilot will triumph, speed violent, is my mind ripped? Where we going nobody knowing, please believe we're going,

Battling, time traveling, I surf through the chaotic reality, ahead of me, (x4)